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What Each State Googled More Frequently Than Any Other State in 2016

What Each State Googled More Frequently Than Any Other State in 2016

We all Google whatever random thought pops into our heads . . . and we don’t seem to really care that Google is keeping records of ALL of that. The real estate website just finished a study that figured out what people in every state Googled more than anyone else.  Here are some of…MORE

This Teen Dabbed As His Dad Was Being Sworn Into The House Of Representatives – BuzzFeed News

During the ceremonial swearing-in of Rep. Roger Marshall on Tuesday, history happened. History that includes a dab. @jonward11 Here's the clip. — Jeremy Art (@cspanJeremy) January 3, 2017  @cspanJeremy The move was courtesy of the congressman’s teen son, who was dressed in Ken Bone-like garb. He was tasked with holding the Bible and standing…MORE

Why couples are most likely to conceive at 10.36pm on January 2

Hey, great news or HORRIFYING AND TERRIBLE NEWS, depending on where you are in your life.   According to a new study, more women get KNOCKED UP on January 2nd than any other day of the year.  And that was last night . . . so if you got-it-on, we’re talking to YOU. The study…MORE

Top 10 Lies parents tell their kids

This is the time of year when you can get a LOT of mileage out of reminding your kids that Santa is watching them.  Of course, deep down you know the truth.  And to any kids listening, the truth is . . . yeah, he’s totally watching.   A new survey found the top 10…MORE

80% of This Year’s Black Friday Deals Will Be the Same as Last Year

The Black Friday deals from all the big stores are going to start “leaking” soon.  But if you can’t wait and want some spoilers . . . just check out last year’s ads. The “Wall Street Journal” just did a study on Black Friday deals and they found that they’re almost identical every year. They…MORE

Can too much Halloween candy kill you? This is how much it would take

If you’ve inhaled so many “fun size” Halloween candies that you feel like you could die, scientists have some good news: That is extremely unlikely. Of all the ways to go, overdosing on candy might not seem so bad. But death by candy is actually pretty hard to pull off. In order to give yourself…MORE

The Best and Worst Halloween Candies just released a list of the best and worst Halloween candies.  It’s not based on a survey or anything, it’s just their writers’ opinions.  So you’re almost guaranteed to disagree with them . . . and it would almost be weirder if you think they got it perfect. The top 10 candies to get…MORE

Bruno Mars – 24k Magic (NEW MUSIC)


Bigfoot spotted on Michigan eagle nest camera??? See for yourself!!

BEULAH, Mich. (AP) – Some people think they’ve spotted Bigfoot on a live camera trained on an eagle’s nest in Michigan.   The clip from a camera mounted on a tree near a state fish hatchery shows baby eaglets in the nest while a dark figure walking on two legs moves on the ground below.…MORE