It Takes the Average American 3.9 Guesses to Solve a Wordle

Are you still posting your Wordle scores on social media?  Someone looked at 200,000 of those posts to figure out where the BEST Wordle players live . . . and the U.S. only ranked 18th worldwide.

They only looked at scores that had been tweeted out publicly.  So they didn’t account for all the HUMBLE Wordlers out there who keep quiet.  But here’s what they found . . .

The average American needs just under four guesses to solve a Wordle puzzle . . . the average is 3.92 to be exact.  That’s good enough for 18th place worldwide, and it’s also right around the global average.

Other countries may have ranked higher because they have fewer players, but they’re more die-hard than the rest of us.  Sweden ranked first at 3.7 guesses per Wordle.

There’s one STATE that clocked in lower than that though.  People in North Dakota take 3.65 guesses.  Delaware and New Hampshire are next at around 3.7.