Afternoons with Patrick

Hey there! Where do I start?!?

I am from Cincinnati Ohio. I moved here a few years ago to follow the radio career path and I will tell you, I have loved every minute of being here! Lexington is such a cool place. I am still getting used to the bourbon but I do fit right in with the horse racing! I have been in the radio game for roughly 17 years. When I got the chance to become the Program Director for Hot 102.5 I jumped at it and never looked back! I love what I do, I really love talking with you everyday 2-7! I appreciate you letting me hang out with you every day! It means a lot to me!

If I am not on air or in town, I am hanging out with my family back in Cincinnati or at our camp site that we have. In the picture below is my long time friend, Cindy Patrick. As you can see, I LOVE Journey! We both share a big love for the band, that picture was taken back when things were “normal”. You can find me in places in downtown Lexington grabbing some food or having a drink with some friends! If you see me, don’t be shy! Come say hi!